‘The Scene’ is an affiliation of groups all competing with each other to be the first to release new stuff, be it software, music, films, TV, pr0n, games etc. In order to compete fairly the scene has very strict rules on the way that releases must be formatted, packed and presented. There are no shortcuts that can give one group an advantage. The rules run to 1000s of words and are too long to go into here, but they cover for example the resolution and size of video files, including samples, the bitrate of MP3s, what formats and codecs can be used how releases must me labelled and so on.


Nuke is the term applied by The Scene to a release that for one reason or another does not meet the scene rules. The Nuke may be applied by other members of The Scene or may be requested by the release group themselves. The reasons for the nuke can be anything from something fundamental like the audio and video being out of sync or parts of the video are missing to something technical such as not including a sample or say that the original release was not RAR’d correctly. Typical reasons include oversized, mislabelled, stolen from P2P, bad crop, bad aspect ratio, downsampled audio, bad ivtc and so on. If you see something has been nuked then you should always check the reason. It may not affect you.


Similar to a Nuke. The release has been cancelled due to being a duplicate. Sometimes this is because two groups released it around the same time; sometimes the dupe is from years ago. And sometimes for more technical reasons.


When a release is nuked for packing reasons, rather than to do with the content it will usually be fixed by way of a Repack, the same content but repacked.


Often used to fix nuke reasons such as mislabelling. This is like a patch to fix the problem rather than a full rerelease.


When a release has been Nuked this invites a fix by way of a Proper. A Proper is a new release by another group to replace the original. If a Proper is itself Nuked it’s replacement may be called Real.Proper


We are a scene release blog and 99% of what we post is from The Scene. In this context P2P refers to anything that is not a scene release, so called because non-scene groups tend to issue their releases through well known Peer to Peer sites. A release being labelled as P2P does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. But P2P releases are not subject to the same rules as The Scene, or any rules in fact, and cannot be Nuked if there is anything wrong with them. This can be a good or a bad thing. But they may be viewed as lacking a certain quality assurance.


An NFO file is issued with all scene releases, although we only publish them to NFOmation.net for non-TV posts. This information file contains details of the release as well as, usually, some ASCii art. For games and applications it will also contain the install instructions, for music it will contain the track list. Most questions you might have about a release will be answered in the NFO, and you should read this before asking.



The installation method for PC Games varies and specific instructions will be contained within the NFO. However a typical NFO will say something like the following.
1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install
4. Copy the content from the crack folder on the DVD to your installation directory and overwrite
5. Play the game

This means after un raring you will be left with a disk image. Usually an .iso or .bin and .cue files. The disk which these are an image of can be recreated using an image burner such as the free imgburn. A common mistake is to burn the image file to disk as if it were data, this results in a disk containing one image file and is not what we want. Your burning program must be in burn image mode and will recreate the original disk. Alternatively and more commonly the disk can be mounted using a tool such as Daemon Tools Lite. This will add a virtual drive to your computer, a non physical drive that appears to the operating system as if it were an extra optical drive with this disk inserted.

From here with our example you install the game as normal, just as if you had bought the game on a disk. After the installation completes we would then browse the mounted or burned disk and look for the Crack folder. Sometimes this folder will be named after the release group as per the NFO. The contents of this folder must be copied to the games installation folder, and the files already in that folder of the same name over-ridden. The games installation folder will vary but is typically going to be C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\GameName or C:\Program Files (x86)\Manufacturer\GameName. If you are unsure, you can find the install location by right clicking the game’s shortcut or entry in the start menu and selecting ‘properties’ look for the directory associated with the ‘target.’
Note this is just a typical installation routine. You need to pay close attention to the NFO.


Console Games require a modified console. The exact nature of the modification depends on the console. There is plenty of information in the forums about this and it is a little beyond the scope of this guide.



  1. jelle (15 Aug 2012, 12:56)

    i dont understand a shit from this ;s,
    how do u put the crack in? i downloaded prototype 2
    and i have powerISO but how waht do i do now?
    i downloaded is with Utorrent.
    mailme please

  2. try (10 Aug 2012, 13:16)

    Dear Skidrow Team,

    can you anwer me this one question i’m asking myself each time playing a game?
    Where do those cracker groups get their knowledge from? Wherefrom do they get such detailed information about the game to be able to create an own exe file etc? :ninja:

  3. Fernando_Poo (28 Jun 2012, 13:42)

    Has anyone at Skidrow gotten any of these cracks to work on Linux with Wine. I was surprised not to find anyone else asking this question. You seem to be the only trustworthy source of cracked games.

  4. personnumber54 (25 Jun 2012, 19:55)

    What filehost do you guys favor ul’ing to right now? Considering getting a premium and this groups preferences factor in significantly.

    • lego (25 Jun 2012, 19:58)

      go for netload! Purchased it and it’s awesome + all games are available on netload.

  5. scapo (21 Jun 2012, 8:40)

    hello skidrow :angel:
    I just download Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Future Soldier-SKIDROW
    and I do not have the password to open the iso
    help me please :cwy:
    send the password to the iso file to my email :
    [email protected]
    thank you in advance
    SCAPO :ninja:

  6. darkdante (26 May 2012, 13:13)

    I downloaded football manager 2012 but then I saw that the rar file needed password and I need to completer a survey to get the password but surveys are restricted in my country 🙁 so can you PLEASE send the password to the rar file to my email :
    [email protected]
    or at least show it here PLZ .
    thanks in advance.

  7. moh (09 May 2012, 13:11)

    please crack portal 2 dlc

  8. Donnyt (05 May 2012, 23:53)

    What I’d really like to know is what kinds of things do people need to learn to get into this kind of stuff, learning how to properly crack games and such. I think I’d like to actually crack games one day. And not only that, but probably also make great outdated games work with modern hardware and OS’s. It’s obvious when one looks about to find MSDOS and 98 games and tries to figure out how others made them work on Windows or Linux whatever that it’s rather difficult and complicated, and some great pioneers like the makers of DOSBOX trudged through those long hours making this stuff work good on XP. Well, I can just imagine how it’s going to be tomorrow, trying to get great games of today to work with all of these increasingly complicated DRM’s. DRM’s will kill some of the great games of today because people just won’t be able to get their old copies to work because the outdated DRM’s are just too intertwined with the game itself. Emulators will become useless as some DRM’s will literally make it impossible for the game to run or will be too incompatible with the emulators.

    Anyhow, that’s not what I came to ask.

    I can only assume, as I don’t know anybody who knows about this kind of stuff, that most crackers are rather well versed on coding, on the different programming languages such as C+, C++, Java, ANSCII, e.t.c… In fact, I wonder if most of you all involved in this stuff aren’t either Computer Science graduates or self-taught programmers who’ve spent somewhere around the time equivalent t0 a degree teaching themselves programming from various books, social discussions, and chat rooms.

    Is that what I would have to do, teach myself programming like a fiend? If not than what would I need to learn? If so, then what programming languages should I really focus on? I mean, I took one semester of Introductory Java using Dr. Java, but somehow, I think that’s like way far away from where you guys must be at. Are you guys like graduates in Computer Science? Or is it something that I can teach myself by simply buying introductory and intermediate programming books and just putting myself through the steps until I’ve built up a considerable programming vocabulary across several of the more common programming platforms?

  9. van747 (04 May 2012, 20:56)

    I’ve downloaded the Assassin’s Creed 2, but now I need the password to extract the files

  10. Skidrowfanomg (03 May 2012, 17:31)

    What’s going on guys, can you give us an update? At least a word or two…

  11. Pikos (03 May 2012, 11:03)

    Is there a crack for Street Fighter x Tekken (PC) ver.? I found one or two but I’m not able to test them as the game ask for a pass before installation.

  12. mastakillla (02 May 2012, 16:41)

    i can also see no pages :cwy: 🙁 can you help me please skidrow ? would appreciate that :blush:

    • Bob la mouette (03 May 2012, 23:46)

      Same thing for me. =/

  13. dweeb (02 May 2012, 9:03)

    am i doing something wrong?
    cannot see anything on the games page.
    :cwy: :cwy:

  14. van747 (01 May 2012, 23:35)

    I’ve downloaded the Assassin’s Creed 2, but now I need the password to extract the files as I cannot access the download page anymore, could anyone give me a hand?

    • Tori (05 Apr 2017, 1:33)

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  15. awe (01 May 2012, 14:54)

    :devil: :dizzy: :wub: 😉 :whistle: :angry: :angel: :angry: :angel:

  16. Nizmo (30 Apr 2012, 22:06)

    Well, seems like 4.25.12 passed and nothing happened here… Pity!

    When will you guys be back? ;(

    • SKiDROW (01 May 2012, 5:55)


      • gamiseta1990 (01 May 2012, 8:49)

        As a computer engineering student, I admire your work more than you can imagine guys keep up the good work and feel free to delay adding new games as much as you like. I know that quality is preferable to quantity and you have always released pretty high quality cracks and updates.
        So, in the name of you public followers, I thank you and wish you good luck on your journey on this road ^^

        P.S: 05/01/2012 is today so WE’D BETTER SEE SOME CHANGES TODAY! (Great way to finish a message full of admiration lol :P)

        • Keeklah (01 May 2012, 12:21)

          Skidrow, we love you 🙂

  17. i cant see the game list (30 Apr 2012, 15:44)

    me too very strange and im in need of new games but i cant see nothing exept the onouncment page!!! PLZ HELP

  18. goodthr33 (30 Apr 2012, 2:31)

    Where the game list?? i cant see one? 🙁

  19. victor.indrajit (29 Apr 2012, 7:43)

    I can’t see the game list

    • Shynnorbz (29 Apr 2012, 13:11)

      me too wtf happened?

      • matchwho (29 Apr 2012, 20:08)

        nor me.

        • macmanda (02 May 2012, 17:00)

          the website is being started to update, so they will only publish the link and game list page after the updating has been done.

    • Ordinary (29 Apr 2012, 15:58)

      same here.. here! help please

    • mastakillla (30 Apr 2012, 17:46)

      me too :(( i am from czech republic, is that a problem skidrow? 🙁 btw i am big fan of you…

  20. Vaibhav (28 Apr 2012, 19:51)

    i hav got syndicate . . the games frm ea . . nd i hav got ur crack . .but wen i try to install it . .origin needs an update nd den asks fr a cd key. .which i dnt hav . .PLEASE HELP

    • LunaticGTX460 (30 Apr 2012, 17:11)

      you cannot play origin games just by putting a crack
      you have to install them through an alternative installer
      otherwise cracks won’t work
      every game that skidrow has cracked by origin was installed with a alternative installer

      • Danten (17 Nov 2012, 17:09)

        After installed and cracked, Call of Duty Black Ops II did not work. (came up a black screen) You mentioned that Skidrow games must be installed on a alternative installer. Can you please explain it for a beginner like me?

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