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  1. Maou (31 Aug 2015, 3:06)

    ARK: Survival Evolved please, im dying to play that game.. but im poor can’t buy it :(

    thanks alot mate!!

  2. erevent (30 Aug 2015, 19:59)

    Hi my friend,

    First let me tell you thank you a lot for the work you provide, it is awesome and I am very proud to know your website.
    My request is a little bit special but even if i’m not a pro reverse-engineer (unfortunately) I think it would be quite easy as the exe seems to not be patched.
    Ok so here’s the story : I’ve discovered this awesome game : and I installed it to play.
    The fact is that I absolutely need to play it offline you know… So just against bots, and the game has an option for that.
    But at every startup, it first checks for update (via downloading a text file) and then requests for a login.
    So what I need is to bypass these both to access to the menu and then be able to launch an offline play.
    I know it is annoying to answer all these requests for nothing but I swear I’ll be really thankful if you try to achieve this.
    For what I could see you are really talented so I really hope that would be possible.

    Thanks in advance you’re the man!

  3. yellow (30 Aug 2015, 10:53)

    what about brain kaizen if you can of course

  4. FTM (29 Aug 2015, 9:39)

    Can you please upload an image file from original DVD of “The Godfather The Game 2006”?
    Again I say please upload a torrent file in The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents.

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