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Update: REQUEST section is open again. All requested games will be shared soon.


  1. aidan (19 Aug 2017, 6:23)

    hi just wanting to ask whether the game intersteller transport company is gonna be cracked

  2. Freezie (18 Aug 2017, 5:52)
  3. Mike (16 Aug 2017, 17:48)

    Could you please reupload Wolfenstein The new Order?
    Links Down

  4. Milan (14 Aug 2017, 13:17)

    Containment- the zombie puzzler.
    Pretty please.

  5. awakenmylove (14 Aug 2017, 9:26)

    Gary Grigsby War in the West cannot be found on the whole internet (for years now). Appreciate upload and crack. 🙂

  6. mabel (11 Aug 2017, 18:15)

    Please update Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar to v1.2.0.15.

  7. RRoad (08 Aug 2017, 14:44)

    can you please upload megaman legacy collection 2?

  8. Jakelesnake (07 Aug 2017, 11:47)

    il-2 sturmikov battle of stalingrad

  9. Tahsin Bhuiayn (06 Aug 2017, 18:12)

    Plz do a mod version of fifa 16 or the bypass of Fifa 16

  10. harpreet singh (02 Aug 2017, 16:09)

    Sir please may u upload game “the art of murder 2 :hunt for the puppetter “

  11. David (01 Aug 2017, 15:32)

    Please re-upload Gears of War Ultimate Edition, ALL links are down.

    Thank you.

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