Battlefield 3 Premium-Exclusive Close Quarters Guide

Posted 03 Jul 2012 in Game Guides

Battlefield 3 Premium-Exclusive Close Quarters Guide

The first of the Premium-exclusive strategy guides is dropping today.
PREMIUM Exclusive Close Quarters Guide

This Prima Games guide will give insider information about the new maps, weapons, Assignments, and games modes featured in Close Quarters. So, whether you’re going for first place in Gun Master, hopping from flag to flag in Conquest Domination, or trying to unlock the new Close Quarters Assignment weapons, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Everything from how to get that elusive EOD bot kill to unlock the MTAR-21, to the best places to defend against a frenetic. Conquest Domination onslaught is included.

70 page PDF

Release name: Battlefield.3.Premium-Exclusive.Close.Quarters.Guide
Size: 69.5MB


Use any .pdf reader to view the guide.



  1. Spetsnaz-GROM (04 Jul 2012, 5:09)

    Why post this here SKIDROW? This is PREMIUM exclusive content right…. :pinch:

  2. lunaticgtx460 (04 Jul 2012, 1:43)

    please god
    make battlefield 3 a lan game with survival modes against bots
    in close quarters atleast

    • Matrix (05 Jul 2012, 6:54)

      I know right if they do that battlefield 3 will be epic :devil:

  3. Edward (03 Jul 2012, 18:32)

    I am premium but because of mystical reasons download link doesn’t work…. Dumb DICE/EA.. :getlost:

  4. sann (03 Jul 2012, 18:01)

    mas n~eo é so pra jogar online?

  5. Waky (03 Jul 2012, 16:21)

    It’s possible to up other languages please ? FR, IT, ES… ? Thanks :happy:

  6. AN7HRO (03 Jul 2012, 16:14)

    i don’t want to be a pussy but… may i ask for a torrent link? :cheerful:

  7. berk (03 Jul 2012, 16:12)

    Thank you so much skidrow you guys are the best.