Dark Shadows Army of Evil-SKIDROW

Posted 29 Nov 2012 in PCGames

Dark Shadows Army of Evil

This indie PC-only title is a single-player first person shooter in which the player takes on the role of a knight. Dark Shadows: Army of Evil is about a horde of monsters in September 1362.

The medieval fantasy game has 19 levels of different areas and is showing Gothic architectures. A lot of effort was put into different atmospheres, depending on the location of the current level. The player can use up to 18 weapons that can be found during exploration of the world. For example, he can throw stones, use a sword or flail, or use arrow and bow. The most time the player has to fight against the enemies. Dark Shadows: Army of Evil also includes “Cinematic Effects”. These 3D blood-splatter scenes are calculated in real time. In these scenes the computer generates a random camera direction and angle as well as for the blood effects.

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Dark Shadows Army of Evil
Dark Shadows Army of Evil
Dark Shadows Army of Evil

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Dark Shadows - Army of Evil takes you back to September 1362. A horde
of monsters has been ravaging the country like a plague of locusts for
over a year. While you were away doing your knightly duties of catching
a runaway horse, the monsters stormed the castle, injured the king, and
kidnapped Katarina, the love of your life. Theyve also taken all the
gold. All the taxes. And weapons You are the only one who can help
Katarina. You must hurry and follow them before they do something to

The player fights his way through 19 levels. Various weapons will be
available. They can be found in different levels. First of all you need
to find a sword. Most of the time, the player has to fight against
enemies. But he has to do also other little things and must solv
certain problems.


Hack and slash combat system with various moves

Explore 19 Levels with different atmospheres

Fight your way through the levels with 18 medieval weapons

Cinematic slow motion blood splatter scenes


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2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
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5. Play the game
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  1. kayaman82 (12 Jan 2013, 15:08)

    hello, it would patch french

  2. Mitch Connor (07 Dec 2012, 6:19)

    Wow, what a crappy game; even for free I don’t want it. No 1600×900 res setting so I tried to set 1440×900 but it won’t save; keeps going back to basic low res. Slow loading, slow moving, no obvious weapon at start and enemies look and move poorly. This was: install, try, uninstall, delete. Poor devs; to spend so much time making something so shit; what a waste!

  3. avgn (03 Dec 2012, 0:55)

    AAAAARGGGHHH!!! The Cover it BURNS !

  4. Darren (30 Nov 2012, 22:01)

    where is the download for torrent at or has it been posted yet

  5. Laziestnoob (30 Nov 2012, 3:54)

    Someone please explain the difference between blackbox and regular 10g

    • meow (04 Dec 2012, 11:57)

      blackbox..i’d say it’s like a RAR file..it takes the regular 10g and makes it let’s say 4.5g
      and when you install it it sort of extracts the game into the computer..so..basically..just download the blackbox one..time and size saver..

  6. Valentin (29 Nov 2012, 19:23)


  7. Tepi (29 Nov 2012, 17:50)