Darksiders II Limited Edition-UNLOCKED+DLC+CRACK ONLY

Posted 14 Aug 2012 in PCGames

Darksiders II

Awakened by the End of Days, Death, the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, embarks upon a quest to restore mankind, and redeem his brother’s name.

[tab name=’DESCRIPTION’]Along the way, the Horseman discovers that there are far worse things than an earthly Apocalypse, and that an ancient grudge may threaten all of Creation . . .


Play Death: Become the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, able to destroy entire worlds and battle forces beyond Heaven and Hell.
Epic Universe: Unlike anything the player has seen before, delivered in the unique style of Joe Mad.
Player Choice & Customization: Customize your experience with varied armor sets, weapons, and Skill Trees allowing players to create their own Death.
Replay-ability: Explore a vast open world, complete dozens of side quests and customize your Death with a full leveling system, Skill Trees and endless equipment combinations.
Traversal: Death is a nimble and agile character capable of incredible acrobatic feats allowing the player to explore the world like never before.

Title: Darksiders II
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Vigil Games
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: 21 Aug 2012
Languages: Czech, Dutch, English*, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
*languages with full audio support

Release name: Darksiders.II-Limited.Edition
Size: 5.5GB

List of DLCs:

Darksiders II-Crucible Pass
Darksiders II-Dark Talons
Darksiders II-Rusanov’s Axe
Darksiders II-Skeletal Axe of Rending

Password: www.skidrowcrack.com


[tab name=’SCREEN SHOTS’]

Darksiders II
Darksiders II
Darksiders II
Darksiders II
Darksiders II


[tab name=’TRAILER’]


[tab name=’NFO’]

2.Paste crack


System Requirements


OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
Processor: 2.0Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT 512 MB Video Card or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Any Quad-core AMD or Intel Processor
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 512MB Video Card or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive: 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install)


  1. Diego (23 Aug 2012, 1:58)

    Doesn’t work. Thank you, good job Skidrow. Ando for who will waste time downloading, good luck.

    • mighty grateful skid (21 Oct 2012, 12:21)

      ungrateful lil twat

  2. Kudt (21 Aug 2012, 13:48)

    Thx Skidrow for another awesome upload.

    Anyone know whether I’ll be able to use my Speedlink StrikeFX gamepad with this?

  3. PBOY (20 Aug 2012, 3:33)

    The DLC sucks. 🙁 When I select Downloadable Content, it shows only two, the main and the tomb, but it’s bugged!

  4. Side (18 Aug 2012, 20:09)

    Hi, how do i have to install this game? When I click Darksiders2.exe it will open steam and it says i have to wait 2 days till it becomes available.. I use this site for first time now;)

  5. TheGingerGuy (18 Aug 2012, 19:23)

    Could you please do a DLC only pack please, I really want to play the Crucible DLC!

  6. Alienw (18 Aug 2012, 13:22)

    Hi, anyone have a fix for the chancellor issue ? I mean have no main quest at the second part of the game.

  7. Manjua (18 Aug 2012, 12:14)

    someone pls tell me how can i use Reaper Form, cause no matter which button i set it to, it still isnt working

    • testing2 (25 Aug 2012, 15:48)


      you have to , PRESS “TAB” then a menu will show up, move your mouse, and press REAPER FORM

  8. asasasa (17 Aug 2012, 21:39)

    For the people that have sound issue:
    The game only have the english language file (EN.PCK) if you want your game in other language, just search on the internet these files (Fr.pck ,It.pck etc…) for darksiders2 i found the files for every language (French German Italian and spanish) each one is about 400Mb, just copy this file in the directory media\sound_streamed\PC.
    Sorry for my english i lost time doing this miny tutorial i hope it will help someone

  9. kat0n (17 Aug 2012, 18:09)

    Guys you having problems running the DLC campaign? when i select it and hit new game my character falls and dies over and over 🙁 regular story campaign works good though.. got update 1 also

  10. iftawan (17 Aug 2012, 12:18)

    in a stage cardual or some thng bomb is trwon on a lock type thing first time it is throwing but on scond lock it is not throwing how to fix that pb

    • testing2 (25 Aug 2012, 15:48)

      dude , there is no “TRAP or TRAPPED THING” in this game, there are many puzzles i know, and you have to find out how to solve it.

      or just read walkthroughs , search in google.

  11. Rodrigo (17 Aug 2012, 12:17)

    How do i transfer a save game from one computer to another?

  12. Mike24 (17 Aug 2012, 7:03)

    hey guys…can you tell me how i unlock The crucible on this version? i cant have acces..i want to fast travel but it says : crucible unavailable. you must download or redeem …. 🙁

  13. fashq (17 Aug 2012, 0:46)

    The links are interchangeable? Answer please

    • p3rw3rs (17 Aug 2012, 17:10)

      Yes, they are.

  14. eloybolzz (16 Aug 2012, 22:15)

    how can we access the DLC files???
    so many people asking but no one answers, can someone help us if you already know how to access the DLC pack. :pinch:

  15. Ghost (16 Aug 2012, 18:27)

    guys help , the game run good but when the movie of the game finish the game close helpppppp

  16. Diego (16 Aug 2012, 15:07)

    I have a problem, after i paste the crack and i try to launck the executable fil, i have an error ” It says the program can be started because a MSCVR100.dll is missing. Reinstall the program”. Anyone else with this problem?

  17. radafus (16 Aug 2012, 10:23)

    same for me game stop workings too

  18. mido20066 (16 Aug 2012, 8:28)

    the game stops working when i try to launch it . what can i do ??? :alien:

  19. Sivak (16 Aug 2012, 1:57)

    for msvcr100.dll instal c++ 2010 on spiderman too and play =D

  20. Brianfer (15 Aug 2012, 20:04)

    Please… someone can tell me how do i turn into spanish 🙁 ???

    • blazier1 (17 Aug 2012, 18:19)

      grab a language pack from the other download.