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In the city of Global-1, UniCorp; the last surviving corporation rules with a regime of lies, cheap medication and bad advertising from the gleaming tower known as ‘The Pinnacle’.

Meanwhile, down in the slums…

Michael Bezzle has met the girl of his dreams: savvy, sophisticated, funny and gorgeous, pawn shop owner Francesca Jones seems like quite the catch. However, there’s more to this belle than meets the eye as Michael finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and conspiracy.

With the help of his friends, Michael must outwit politely vicious lawmen, suicidal and chocolate-loving cyborgs and a vicious killer plant as he sets forth to uncover the buried secrets behind the world’s last corporation.

About The Game

A point and click adventure set in a dystopian future, assume the role of Michael: thief, tinkerer and all-round wise guy.

Featuring challenging puzzles and a colorful cast of characters, the satirical world of Hoodwink will tickle your fancy and turn your stomach. Join Michael in a light-hearted adventure filled with intrigue, conspiracy and mischief!

Game Features:
A madcap adventure: Sarcastic cyborgs, brainwashed cops and belligerent hawkers are amongst the characters that Michael encounters in his journey to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious device.
Colorful cast: A fully-voiced cast brings the wacky inhabitants of Global-1 to life.
Intuitive gameplay: All you have to do is point and click!
Challenging puzzles: Hoodwink is filled with challenging puzzles for Michael to overcome with his cunning and resourcefulness.

Release name: Hoodwink-SKIDROW
Size: 1.27 GB (1,360,932,298 bytes)





Password: www.skidrowcrack.com


Hoodwink (c) E-One Studio

30-06-2012....Release Date - Protection..................Serial
Adventure........Game Type - Disk(s)......................1 DVD


Get acquainted with Michael Bezzle small time acquisitions expert in
the decaying slums of the metropolis - Global-One.

Michael has met the girl of his dreams: savvy, sophisticated, funny and
gorgeous, pawn shop owner Francesca Jones seems like quite the catch.
Love is in the air for him but when his final caper goes awry, Michael
must flee for his life as he sets off to uncover the truth behind
UniCorp, the world's last corporate giant.

Follow Michael through this vibrant point and click adventure game as
he meets outrageous characters and explores the brightest dystopia you
will ever see. Meet a range of quirky characters, from hawkers peddling
rat meat and delusional cyborgs to brainwashed and politely vicious
lawmen. Be they friend or foe, the many colorful personae of Hoodwink
will help and hinder Michael on his adventure. Set across the sprawling
sectors of Global-01, Hoodwink features the ramshackle and ingenious
underbelly of a society ruled by the world's last corporation. A
twisted future with absurdly dark humor, Hoodwink reveals an insane
world with vile conspiracy and corporate-themed satire, making the
brightest dystopia you've ever seen, all to the catchy beats composed
by the award-winning Leon Willett.


Point and Click Adventure Game

Detailed Oriental Post-Apocalyptic Environments

Fully voiced over cast of colourful characters

Fun and Quirky Minigames


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
5. Type anything as a fictive serial at the serialscreen to proceed
6. Play the game
7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy


Use Launcher.exe, included with the cracked content, for setting the
language of your choice.



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    second file in jumbofiles is not complete. The size is 330,378 KB while it should be 439 MB. See the link in uploaded.to for the second file.

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    esse game parece ser bem legal ^^ :w00t: