All the contents served in SKIDROWGAMES.NET are packed in .RAR format, we don’t want to get into technical details but the main reason is it allows the files to be splitted to many parts so then the files will be uploadable, also scene packed files are sort of quality assurance from the scene games groups.

There are many application which can be used for opening and extracting .RAR files, but all of them have sent cookies to the very first and most popular RAR application, WinRAR. I assume you already have it installed, but if not then you can get it here.

After you finished the download, you’ll get a set of RAR files, such as this.

To combine them simply right click the first part and choose Extract Here.

Enter the password if you’re asked for one, tick Show password to make sure you entered the correct password, then execute the extraction process.

You’ll then get another set of RAR files, like these.

Just find a part with the .RAR extension, right click and choose Extract Here.

The other archiving method by the game release groups are using .001 extension, don’t get confused with HJSplit files because the game release groups never used it to pack their releases. If you encounter these kind of split files, simply right click the first part (.001) choose Open With… and select WinRAR.

Dont forget to untick Always use the selected program to open this kind of file before you execute the extraction process to safe you from getting bad file association.


  1. mariano (15 Jun 2018, 21:10)

    no hay manera que de la clave de falcon 4.0 me mandan a una pagina comercial contestoa todo lo aceptan y despues no me da la clave no hace nada no puedo descomprimir el juego

  2. dhavaleswar (16 Jan 2018, 13:36)

    Please provide password for the super mario game

  3. ash (18 May 2017, 5:04)

    I want password for. Assassin’s Creed Revelations.pls anyone can help me.

  4. required (04 May 2017, 12:25)

    there are like one zillion other releasers who aren’t fucking around with scam and pw protected rars. just get another releasers pure iso file…

  5. fox (21 Apr 2017, 0:23)

    Halo.Combat.Evolved.Anniversary – SKIDROW
    i need a password for this game

  6. federico (02 Nov 2015, 23:23)

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  7. Victor (01 Nov 2015, 1:53)

    The password for the games is this.

  8. Dobolmint (08 Jan 2014, 23:55)

    I downloaded The Amazing SPider Man on skidrow. Now it wants a password on winrar. The readme file has a link on it but it doesn’t work. Please help me. And give me the Password. WINRAR PASS

  9. tai (05 Nov 2013, 3:52)

    Anyone know what to do with the .r00, .r01, etc. files? (Elemental War of Magic, yes, I know it’s old, so is my computer.)

  10. bilal (13 Oct 2013, 22:59)

    please….give me the password for fifa 2014 full game winrar archieve….Fifa.2014.[Full.PC.GAME.With.Crack]-SKIDROW

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