Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – GOTY

Posted 25 May 2012 in PCGames


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the leading tactical multiplayer WWII shooter on the PC, will take the award winning Red Orchestra franchise into the next generation of gaming.
Game of the Year Edition

[tab name=’DESCRIPTION’]Cutting edge graphics and audio built using the Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and streamlined realism will deliver an unrivalled tactical shooter experience.

Heroes of Stalingrad will focus on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations, both German and Russian, from July 1942 to February 1943. The game allows the player to experience one of the most brutal battles in all of human history. Delivering unrivalled accuracy and attention to detail, along with gritty, vicious combat in multiplayer and single-player modes the game will feature everything from quick, brutal firefights to more intricate and challenging tactical modes.

Game of the Year Edition

This new edition adds a whole set of extra features, available for free to all owners of the game, including two new game modes:

“Action” mode – Featuring a crosshair, easier aiming and toned down recoil, reduced damage and open access to a wide range of weaponry Action mode is the perfect first step for players into the world of Red Orchestra.

“Classic” mode blends the gameplay innovations of the new game with the tactical and edgy gameplay of the original giving the fans of the first game exactly what they want.

Mamayev Kurgan – complete new map, featuring both close-quarters battles in trenches and bunkers, as well as longer ranged combat across the famous hill in Stalingrad.

Refined and improved gameplay across the board, vehicle improvements, and way better performance and polish. We listened to the community and based on their feedback refined and tweaked almost every major feature in the game!

Genre: Action
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Release Date: Sep 14, 2011
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Polish

Release name: Red.Orchestra.2.Heroes.of.Stalingrad-GOTY
Size: 9.54 GB

Rapidshare-1GB LINKS


Jumbofiles-1GB LINKS




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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad


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1. Unzip
2. Install the game
3. Play!




  1. wtf (02 Jun 2012, 19:23)

    i’ve downloaded and the game worked fine. but then i noted that i had played this game before. checked installer i had downloaded the game (skidrow version) october last year. damn. thought it was a new game.

    p/s: the skidrow version was 6.88 GB.

  2. yavuz (29 May 2012, 14:02)

    I’ve been waiting for 4 days for the jumbofiles links.Can you just upload it.

  3. [email protected] (27 May 2012, 18:42)

    Post/upload Rapidshare links, plz Skidrow … thanks a lot in advance 😉

  4. fe (27 May 2012, 14:33)

    :sleeping: :cheerful: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

  5. bozo (26 May 2012, 10:20)

    you will make a small version only with english?

  6. Serrak (25 May 2012, 22:12)

    Waiting for torrent. thanks Skidrow.