Risen 2: Dark Waters update 1.v1.0.1210.0

Posted 12 May 2012 in Game Updates


Set several years after the end of Risen, raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt.

Update Notes:

– Most monster attacks can be blocked now
– Player has the ability to dodge during combat

– Fixed issue with flickering trees in far distance
– Fixed issue with SLI graphic cards
– Fixed a crash with 7.1 sound system configuration
– Fixed a crash during climbing
– Fixed issue within return to ship option
– Fixed rain in interiors
– Crew members can’t be killed by monsters anymore
– Player gets the Fool’s Juice potion after he crafted it
– Fixed issues with skill teachers


– Maximum amount of automatic saves was limited to 10
– Improvements in monster combat AI
– Improvements in character AI if they get attacked from behind
– Improved vegetation rendering
– Improved object view distance
– Improved terrain rendering

– Simplify cannon sabotage in Puerto Isabella
– Merchant on Sword Coast sells Rum and Grog
– Removed exploit for shooting game
– Mara’s health increased
– Steelbeard’s hat can’t be sold anymore

Release name: Risen.2.update.1.v1.0.1210.0.cracked
Size: 40.14 MB

risen 2
risen 2
risen 2
risen 2



  1. ifrit (13 May 2012, 18:24)

    dont work!! :cwy:

  2. feig (13 May 2012, 14:33)

    i putted ali config without delete skidrow config from system folder and game run very slow and take time to run from start so dont forget delete skidrow config…. thnx very much for patch works 😆 :biggrin: well

  3. DSAM (13 May 2012, 11:45)

    The patch didn’t work for me. An error pops up saying “Sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine”

    • patataki (13 May 2012, 14:13)

      same here also 🙁

  4. Budo (13 May 2012, 11:16)

    Can´t extract the files. Get error for all files in winrar “unknown method”.
    It creates all the files with 0kb

    • Alan (13 May 2012, 11:25)

      use new version of winrar or try 7-zip!

  5. BOMBATA (13 May 2012, 2:51)

    Thank you very much!