Scania Truck Driving Simulator v1.2.1 Update-SKIDROW

Posted 08 Jul 2012 in Game Updates

SCANIA Truck Driving Simulation

Get behind the wheel of one of the most iconic trucks on the road with this highly detailed Scania R-series simulation. Simulation reality is pushed to the extreme, in this unique mix of video game and simulation, designed to have mass appeal to anyone who loves trucking!
v1.2.1 Update-SKIDROW

Put your driving skills to the ultimate test with 10 individual truck maneuvering challenges that serve as a practical exam as you strive to gain your licence. Complete intricately designed courses and tasks, in realistic environments that put you firmly into the driver’s seat. Can you avoid obstacles whilst reversing a trailer? Do you have the lateral thinking required to find your way through a complex obstacle track? Can you park with precision? Once you have mastered the basics and gained your licence, compete against the best as you take part in a dozen disciplines inspired by the Young European Truck Driver competition – the virtual re-creation of Scania Driver Competition events. Learn the tricks to navigate your truck with centimetre precision!

Take the opportunity to learn more about the world leading Scania trucks with a unique opportunity for a virtual visit to Scania’s own Demo Centre – the very place where Scania shows off its vehicles to VIP guests!

Release name: Scania.Truck.Driving.Simulator.v1.2.1.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 12.40 MB (12,998,613 bytes)


SCANIA Truck Driving Simulation
SCANIA Truck Driving Simulation
SCANIA Truck Driving Simulation
SCANIA Truck Driving Simulation

S  K  I  D  R  O  W
 the leading force
 proudly presents
 Scania Truck Driving Simulator v1.2.1 Update
 08-07-2012........Release Date  -  Protection..........Activation
 Strategy.............Game Type  -  Disk(s)....................DOX
 Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!
 1. Unpack release
 2. Copy the content from the CLEAN folder to the main install folder
 and overwrite - if you're already using the crack from the TiNYiSO
 iso release
 3. Run ScaniaTDS_1_2_1_patch.exe
 4. Install
 5. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main install
 folder and overwrite
 6. Play the game
 7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!
 To all friends of the family and honorable rival groups!



  1. fddf (16 Nov 2013, 12:31)

    version 1.5.0 update please!

  2. KiGuy3K (10 Sep 2013, 18:45)

    All direct download links either down or deleted please update links skidrow.

  3. yaass (09 Mar 2013, 21:41)

    paaassword plzz

  4. Trucky (19 Oct 2012, 21:22)

    Crack for 1.4 please

  5. james (07 Oct 2012, 10:50)

    crack is okay, you just have to delete your old profile and start new, and everything will go fine.

  6. Stanley (08 Sep 2012, 23:16)

    Please 1.4.0 because of the new world in Delivery mod

  7. thiago (22 Aug 2012, 18:41)

    1.4.0 please

  8. wingo44 (05 Aug 2012, 7:30)

    crack version 1.3.0 please.

  9. NoName (04 Aug 2012, 10:38)

    Crack for 1.3 Version PLSSS :angel:

  10. dF (19 Jul 2012, 16:43)

    The crack is not proper , Thy missed a time check in the .exe that’s why you get kicked back to main menu after some time played, can just hope thy do a proper fix / crack or a new grp does it..

  11. Komo (10 Jul 2012, 22:48)

    Wyrzuca z gry po paru sekundach grania do menu! Można coś z tym zrobić? :blush:

  12. 3X1T3R (09 Jul 2012, 18:51)

    Why the game crashes after a while?! :cwy:

  13. anonym (09 Jul 2012, 13:40)

    game crashs in every mission after a while 🙁

  14. ale (08 Jul 2012, 23:36)

    the game is out to main menu

  15. TPoD (08 Jul 2012, 22:01)