The Good Life-SKIDROW

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The Good Life

Play a game of a life you can’t live and a place you can’t go!

The Good Life, a Tropical Paradise Simulation, is a game that captures the spirit of a laid-back lifestyle in a visually stunning 3D tropical environment. Travel around with an impressive array of luxury vessels, while managing tourist campaigns and real estate business and completing missions on your way to becoming the area’s top tycoon.

The story

Like so many, Derek Hales is fed up and is dreaming about ditching the nine-to-five lifestyle. When he learns that his late uncle made him the sole heir of “Carpe Diem Boats”, a boating company on the tropical complex of the Jo Jo islands, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. A new life awaits! After a long voyage, he and his striking girlfriend Michelle Joyce finally arrive at their destination, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, with a Boating Company of their own. Compared to the dull office life, this new life looks much better. Finally but suddenly, life is good!


Hybrid game play: a rare mix of Life and Ship simulation genres
Select one of 6 different ship types (taxi boat, sailboats, speedboats or yachts) that are unlocked as the game progresses.
Ultra realistic tropical water, both, when sailing or diving!
Realistic weather conditions and 24hr day/night cycle.
Become an adept skipper and master the techniques to control your ship and take shelter in any harbour.
Experience vast, beautiful tropical locations, with more than 50 harbours and dozens of diverse places to explore, ranging from luxurious hotels to ancient cities and from picturesque beaches to mystical underwater worlds.[/*]
Play as Derek or Michelle and interact with your customers, persuading them to hire your boat.
Buy and sell properties in ports, such as sun beds, apartments, bars, restaurants, beach houses, bungalows, villas and even hotels.
Seek treasures in the deep, rescue people from drowning, avoid pirate attacks, take part in photo safari excursions, avoid tornados, become rich and famous!
Compete against 9 other NPC skippers that try to gain more money, better reputation and ranking than you in becoming the tycoon of the Jo Jo Islands.

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The Good Life
The Good Life
The Good Life
The Good Life

S  K  I  D  R  O  W
.the leading force.

proudly presents
The Good Life (c) Iceberg Interactive

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From time to time, we all dream  of living a different life

The Good Life is a free roaming simulation, set in visually stunning 3D
tropical Environment. Play an intriguing combination of gameplay
styles part ship simulation, part time-management,  part tycoon game,
and 100% fun. A villa ashore, your own yacht, a stunning sunset, sandy
beaches and see-through waters.

Live the life you always dreamed of on your way to becoming the area's
Top Dog.


With an array of luxury vessels at your disposal, take on various
missions across ultra-realistic tropical waters, in order to make your

Experience vast, beautiful tropical locations, with more than 50
harbours and dozens of diverse places to explore.

Become an adept skipper and progress across 6 different ship types.

Realistic weather conditions and 24hr day/night cycle.

Seek treasures in the deep, rescue people from drowning, avoid pirate
attacks and become rich and famous

Use your earnings to build your commercial empire - buy and sell
properties in this tropical paradise - progress from sun beds, beach
houses and bungalows, to restaurants, villas and even hotels.

Play against 9 other NPC "Skippers" who compete for business against
you - become the best skipper, earn more money and become the ultimate
tycoon of the JoJo Islands


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  1. emei (25 Jul 2013, 17:50)

    fall links!

  2. ellinas (11 Dec 2012, 19:52)

    A two man indie developer studio worked on this title for more than three years. If you decide to download the game for free, at least support the developers by voting for their game on Steam Greenlight:

  3. waheed (11 Nov 2012, 11:49)

    hi i hav some problem with this game ……….. the problem is that wheb i save the game and then again i open form saved place ……… then de boat is moving far away 4m the camara……. and de camara is standing on one place not moving with the boat …… sooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  4. suiton (08 Nov 2012, 3:10)

    Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm dodajcie to prosze